Parenting Knowledge Tip 1

My sister is pregnant, so I’m going to bless her and all who read this, with the gift of my knowledge when it pops in my head. As parents, we’re all in this together. Learn from my experiences, people!

An important bit of advice is to ignore anything in your house you like. Basically, if you like it and want it to survive the next 16ish years, pretend it doesn’t exist.  

Pick your absolute favorites, stick it all in a closet, and forget about it. Otherwise, it will be used in the most impossibly, unimaginable ways before being rendered completely broken, shattered, and unusable. When they start senior year of high school, you might be able to start paying attention to it all again. No promises though. 

Don’t think they won’t pay attention to all the good stuff from day one either. In their tiny baby brains, they are keeping a running list of everything they are going to screw up just as soon as they can get their hands and legs working. 

How do I know this little parenting tidbit? 

I screwed up once and moved the marker bin which drew their attention to it. We ended up with hieroglyphics all over the walls. If I had left the permanent markers right where they were, they would have never have been interested in them.

Conversely, the girls don’t even know we have a China cabinet. It’s filled with a million pretty breakables I pretend isn’t there. They walk by it every day but have no idea anything important is in there. 

On the days where I feel like they are winning, I glance at it out of the corner of my eye and remember I DO still get to have some nice things, even if no one else knows. 

I hope this will help a few family heirlooms make it to the next generation.  It’s all really just “stuff” but some of it does matter. Mostly it’s a matter of preserving parents’ sanity. We’re all in this together! 

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