Family Rules

This morning, she who used to be Bangs, was doing her usual perky, morning person thing. I could hear her pestering her not so perky, not a morning person, twin sister in the other room. A few minutes later, Perky came to tattle. Her sister had hit her in the stomach for no reason at all. 
My personal thought was don’t mess with people early in the morning. Instead, I asked if she would be okay. She shrugged and wandered off. 

Then I heard her shouting from in front of our Family Rules picture, “Respect One Another. See? It says it right there. That means no hitting. Got it?” 

I can’t wait to use it on Perky when the roles are reversed. I’m guessing it will go over about as well as it did this morning. Her sister never said a word about it. It’s going to be fun for me, though. 

Plus, it gave me a new idea about what to do when they’re arguing and fighting. Read the Family Rules out loud. If I’m feeling extra mom-ish, they’ll have to write them down. 

Thanks for the idea, Perky! 

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